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From the design till the finished product. From the start of till the end of the process.

Manufacturer of plastic parts since 1945

The Marcel Cotte Company was part of the Thiers cutlery tradition. Created in 1945, it specialised in coloured and over-moulded tableware. Its success in exporting its products led the company to turn to plastic injection moulding in order to remain cutting edge in the industry. In parallel, Marcel Cotte Cutlery became APA and thus developed its activity as a moulder (the design and production of tools), and orientated itself towards the study of (digital) parts.

The year 2006 was a turning point in APA’s strategy; they merged with Cotte Plastics and became a fully-fledged plastic processing company. The merger gave it an even wider range of skills and means: injection, clamping, UV printing, ultrasound, adjustments, upstream and assembly capacities, and the design and production of tools.

The Personnel

Managing Director: Xavier COTTE
Production Manager: Christian DOZOLME
Sales Manager: Xavier COTTE
Head of the Design Department: Adrien PLATRET
Head of Quality Control: Christian DOZOLME
Head of Quotes:  Xavier COTTE
Total number of staff: 14
ENumber of Staff on the Design Team: 2
Number of Staff in Quality Control: 1

The Plastic Injection Workshop

The injection workshop includes:
7 machines from 35 to 350ton with all their peripherals working are capable of providing 2*8 hours or 3*8 hours as needed.
The FANUC 50ton, 120 ton and 350 ton FANUC and the 70 ton Billon electric clamps
UV printing on Plastic (iPhone cases).
Ultrasound machine: installs inserts, welds
Adjustments after injection: drilling, threading or other. Assembly of subsets.

Tool Design and Production Workshop:

Classic Equipment: (lathes, shapers, grinding machines, etc…)
Joinery: CN MAKINO
Wire Electro Erosion: CN FANUC
Electro erosion Grind: CN AGIE
Computer Aided Design and Data Access Object Software: AutoCAD, Solidworks Plastic Rheology
Computer Aided Manufacturing Software: Mastercam, Fanuc

Accreditation and Certfication

• ISO 9001 VERSION 2000