Your project handled from start to finish by us thanks to our network of sub-contractors

Even if we manage most of the manufacturing processes in-house: the design, choice of materials (in terms of convenience or technics), machining, the gilding, the electronics, etc.
APA also knows how to use its network and the skills of other businesses to supplement its expertise.
Being the sole point of contact for our clients means that we monitor the project from start to finish. With the help of its sub-contractors, APA has control over every step (the cutting, machining, metal processing, etc) as well as the US break insertion and US welding. However, the overall assembly is always done on-site.

“We also know how to partner-up with other plastics specialists for important and or big projects. We have taken advantage of that and developed additional products like display cabinets, mass consumption products) and have started tackling the American market” adds Xavier Cotte, CEO of APA.

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