Our idea of plastic injection

The production of your plastic parts will go through a process called: Plastic injection. Discover how it works and the contact us for a personalized assessment of your project.

Plastic injection, also known as injection moulding is a process that delivers simple or complex (shaped) parts on a small or large scale.

Once we have studied your project, we will design the tool /mould needed, carry out the injection process and then present you with an actual prototype so you will be able to see the finished product at the end of our assessment.
The injection mould or injection tool has several roles:

1. Thermoplastic injection (plastic material)
2. The shaping of thermoplastic materials through the injection moulding
3. The cooling of the plastic material
4. The ejection of the plastic part

The injection mould or tooling is therefore the key element of the whole process. The mould is then mounted on a machine called an injection moulding clamp. With adjustments, this machine will then provide a set series of production (of your plastic objects).

APA Injection is equipped with 7 robotic clamps (ranging from 35 to 350ton), which include 3 electric FANUC clamps and 2 robotic clamps. APA also has a mechanics workshop at your disposal for the design and production of your tools (or your injection mould).

Our plastics processing company manages the design of your article from the beginning to the end. This ranges from the 3D digitalisation of your object, defining both the 2D and 3D drawings of the part, the design of the tools and the mass production of your plastic parts. In order to validate the piece before the actual tool is made, we will offer you a prototype in 3D Stereolithography – additional manufacturing which will supply you with a 3D print-out. In addition APA Injection can integrate threading, welding or the installation of inserts by US signals amongst other processes into its manufacturing system. APA Injection also offers finishes such as paint, soft touch, classic printing and high quality UV LED printing, and packaging according your requirements.

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